Sample collection delivery services are available

For clients in Bangkok and suburban districts, sample collection delivery services are available as follows:

  1. For daily clients, 1-2 rounds of each type of service are available
    • 09.30 am. – 12.30 am. (Morning round)
    • 13.30 pm. – 18.00 pm. (Afternoon round)
  2. For occasional clients, please kindly inform us your needs at 02 136 3941
  3. For provincial clients, our available channels for specimens delivery services include:
    • Express mail service (EMS)
    • Coach bus or public transport bus service
    • Airplane service
    • Train service

In case of urgent needs or express requirements:

Customers can inform us the requirements during our operating hours. Our Staff alternate staffs will be assigned specifically for your convenience.


Customers can inform us the requirements during our operating hours. Our Staff alternate staffs will be assigned specifically for your convenience.


Specimen rejection criteria

The medical technology clinic may refuse accepting specimens in the event that the specimens meet the reject criteria specified in the specimen collection and delivery of each test. Including in the case of specimens having the following characteristics

  1. Specimen that does not have Label or does not have complete details in accordance with the specified specimen.
  2. The form showing the details of the patient is unclear or does not meet the requirements.
  3. Label on specimen and receipt There are no matching details.
  4. In case the specimens are not suitable * for analysis

The laboratory will consider the suitability. If it is still acceptable, for example, Hemolysis at level 1+ – 2+ (mild – moderate), the laboratory will examine and record the identification on the report. To keep the doctor informed In which the specimen is not suitable Have the following effects

4.1 Hemolysed serum

Reject samples when red blood cells are broken 3+ or over and will be indicated on the receipt report Exclusion check Electrolyte rejects samples with 1+ or more red blood cells. Hemolysed serum affects the following tests: Potassium, AST, ALT, Acid phosphatase, CK, Serum Iron, Lactate Dehydrogenase ( LDH), Magnesium, Phospholus (see Figure 1 according to the serum nature examination criteria)

4.2 Icteric serum

All samples will be accepted for testing but will be indicated on the report. The yellow serum (Icteric serum) may affect the absorption of light. If the value exceeds the measuring range, dilute and test again (see Figure 2 according to the serum nature inspection criteria).

4.3 Lipemic serum

Reject samples when the serum is turbid 3+ or more and will indicate on the test report. Which the lipemic serum may affect the absorption of light. If the value exceeds the measuring range, dilute and test again (see Figure 3 in accordance with the serum nature inspection criteria).

4.4 EDTA blood or Citrated blood with Fibrin clot or suspected Fibrin clot may occur

4.5 Inappropriate specimens Or incorrectly delivered, such as sending a Viral load, must maintain the delivery temperature at 2 – 8 ° C or chilled.

4.6 Insufficient volume of specimens in accordance with criteria and requirements Therefore cannot be analyzed correctly, for example, less than 60% of the CBC blood sample (<1.8 ml in the case of 3 ml of the tube) in which the CBC penetrates less than the specified volume May have an effect on making red blood cells wilt. As a result, the mean corpuscular volume (MCV, Mean corpuscular hemoglobin; MCH) and the mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) are incorrect.

4.7 Incorrect specimens used, such as incorrect anticoagulant use the wrong type of specimen, such as send EDTA Blood to Electrolyte, collect urine for culture in an un sterile bottle etc.

4.8 There is specimen spilled outside of the bottle or on the specimen sheet. Causing unsafe operations for workers

4.9 Specimens awaiting inspection are incorrect. Or the old blood is collected for longer than the specified time without being sent to the laboratory, such as a CBC examination. Blood samples are sent longer than 24 hours after blood collection.

Guidelines for referring specimens to other laboratories

The laboratory will forward the specimen on the non-laboratory examination list to the subcontractor as follows:

  1. Siriraj Laboratory Center (SiLC) is a medical laboratory.
  2. Laboratory of Department of Pathology Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University
  3. Bangkok RIA Lab (BRIA LAB)
  4. Vittech Pro, Bumrungrad Hospital
  5. NGD Laboratories
  6. ELN Laboratory or other up country laboratory in contact

For some items that need to be sent to laboratories abroad Service recipients must notify the laboratory staff of the need for the laboratory staff to inspect the examination items and procure them. Equipment for collecting samples for examination and suggest methods for collecting specimens Including the steps for transportation.

Procedure for forwarding specimens to other laboratories

  1. Staff receiving the specimen Check the delivery list and sample quality
  2. Officials register specimens
  3. Notify the subcontractor’s laboratory In order to receive specimens

(In the case of an urgent examination, the Logistic staff will send the specimens)

  1. Record the analysis list And the results of the analysis According to the agreed period
  2. Analysis report by email And deliver the real results after receiving the results from the subcontractor

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